Retro fashion trends making a comeback

We cannot deny the fact that retro fashion trends are making a huge comeback. At all times, bigger and deeper entering in our daily outfits.

We can observe this tendention for over 2 year ( check my blog post from last year, here) is growing stronger. There are a numerous examples like Balenciaga’s sneakers, sporty outfits of brands that were very popular in 90′ like fils, reebok, adidas and many many more. 

So why is that? 

First of all it’s an unique fashion style of a certain cuts and pattern. It also reminds us our childhood. Again, we can feel young and free. Being „Young & free”,  this is the definition of passed times when people get rebel and hippie. Big times of a punk and disco music. In that case, fashion reflects our longing for freedom, of wearing and thinking wild and free. 

Down here you have my definition of a retro style. Do you agree?






Shirt&jeans&bag&aerrings – Bershka

Espadrilles: Replay

Bracelets – Lilou



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